The Island

First off the world is infinite. (Well as infinite as any other type of blocky game. Ie 64 bit index numbers can only reference so far).

Even though the world is infinite the land mass you start on is not. You will be able to set what size island you start on starting from 2 miles to around 20 miles across.

You start off on the edge of the island. Resources are scarce here but the land is flat and good for building on. However you will find yourself needing to move further inland as you will quickly use up your resources. The closer to the center of the island you get the more common resources are.  More rare resources also generate the closer inland you get. However going to the center of the island is no mean feet.

On the outer edges of the island there are no real dangers. Sure there is a few but you will need to do very little to protect your people. However as you venture inland the dangers will become much more common and deadly. Monsters will get bigger, more common and a lot more dangerous. When you start out you will not have the equipment to properly defend yourself, you will need to create equipment to defend your citizen from these dangers.

As you approach the center of the island mountains will emerge. Getting over these will be a challenge.

Then at the very center of the island there is something very special. But that’s enough about that I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Next time I’ll talk about the way the game allows you to use your citizens to build your city. You will have the ability to completely customize the look of every building.

The Island

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