Febuary 2016 Update

Its been a while since the last post. Well a lot has happened since then. I got far quite far into development of the Modal Editor when I discovered that I needed to create a brand new UI in order to be able to do it properly. One thing led to another and that led to quite a lot of changes.

Bellow is what has been changed or added.

• Created a brand new UI
• Added form UI component
• Added Label UI component
• Added Textbox UI component
• Added Drop Down Menu UI component
• Added Button UI component
• Added Picture Button UI component
• Added Listbox UI component
• Added Divider UI component
• Added Game Window UI component
• Created new Keyboard API
• Created new Villager Menu
• Created Building Picker Menu
• Added new Building Render Preview
• Added worker select indicator
• Added names to worker
• Added new building type Storage
• Added support for variable size buildings
• Added Storheap Building
• Added camera rotation on laptops
• Added saving and loading of world
• Recoded Villager assignment code
• Started work on the Modal Editor
• Added ability to move polygons in modal editor
• Added saving and loading of modals
• Added instant transition between game, design mode and modal editor mode.
• Added basic touch screen support
• Added description and name to buildings
• Add new save menu for building editor mode
• Fix a headache of a bug with unusual behaviour of copy struc in list
• Added ability to rotate buildings before placing them using R key

Febuary 2016 Update

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