Goodbye XNA. Hello MonoGames

XNA was abandoned by Microsoft many years ago. But even now I have still been using it, that is untill MonoGames has become a viable alternative.

I have therefore spent my time on holiday converting Craft Empire over to MonoGames. The main advantage is cross-platform. Been able to target Andriod, IOS, Windows and Mac with 99% of the same code is awesome indeed. The MonoGames team really deserve a lot of gratitude for make such an awesome framework.

MonoGames also uses the same functions as XNA meaning that most of your XNA code will work out the box. I say most as there is still a lot of work porting your code over.

Anyhow gone is my dependence on needed the XNA framework installed on the users pc. Now the user will have the option of using DirectX or OpenGL.

Goodbye XNA. Hello MonoGames

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