More Hands on Deck

Greetings my name is David (DMT) I am the new Illustrator/Graphics artist on this project and will be spearheading the Marketing Campaign going forward.

A little about me and a little about Mattlekim&Riddlesoft;

Mattlekim is the owner of Riddlesoft an Indie games company that has seen most of it’s success on mobile platforms. Mettlekim has often done entire projects including this one by himself building his own engine and only outsourced various jobs like graphics and sound on some of his projects. I did a little work for Riddlesoft doing level design on Old School Racer 2. However the new project Block Empire is the most ambitious Riddlesoft has undertaken so far and requires “more hands on deck” for this one.

That is where I come in, Besides my obvious work that will revolve around graphics and media, my goal in the marketing Campaign will be to at first,

Plan along with Mattlekim the best stratergy to achieve a successful Kickstarter Campaign.

Do everything we can to plan thoroughly, set achievable goals, and manage expectations.

I will be the main communication between backers and devs, giving regular updates and asking what people want to see.

I will then be reaching out our product, advertising and marketing towards anyone who will be interested.

Our plan with Kickstarter is to get the project funded, we will set aside a 1st milestone that will allow us a limited time to get the project completed before we become financially strained. A 2nd Milestone that will allow longer time to get the game completed and every Milestone above that will be improving the features to the game by allowing us to bring “more hands on deck”. Our personal take from the funding of both milestones will be equivalent to the UK national minimum wage for a full time job. As we both are parents and have families that depend on us we will most likely be doing part time work along with the project. So rest assured every penny besides this will be spent on making the game bigger and better along with growing Riddlesoft as a company. The only personal profits we will make from this project will be how much the game sells after release.

More Hands on Deck

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