May Update And Blog

Hello every one sorry for missing the blog post last month. I have been really busy with my main Job so my time for Craft Empire has been limited.

Since the last post I have spent a long time working on the website for Craft Empire. I have nearly completed the website as well as changed or wrote over one thousand lines of code. You see I upgraded to 32bit block data and created a custom structure so that it would be split into 8bit segments. This change created over 1000 errors within the project all of which needed to be fixed. Changes like this can very easily break your project so the fact that my project still works is awesome. At one point I really thought I was going to have to revert to the old 40bit block system but in the end I got it working. YAY :)

I also made vast changes and improvements to the model editor. Its hard to describe just what is involved in creating an entire model editor complete with animation system. You may ask why go to all the effort when there are so many 3D editors out that for free? Well that is true, tools like blender are very good and efficient but I noticed how much gamers love to mod games. I therefore wanted the player to easily be able to create their own mods and in this case models, that is why I have gone to the effort of creating an in game model editor. The animation editor is just a shell at the moment but soon it will be creating all the animations for the characters in the game. Really looking forward to seeing what mods people will make.

On a side note I discovered that HP laptops have a really annoying feature that means you cannot use the touchpad and keyboard at the same time. What idiot came up with that??? Yeah I know I’m ranting but I spend ages trying to hunt down a bug in my game where holding x (To move along the x Axis) and moving the mouse at the same time was doing nothing. It turned out to be the stupid HP touchpad software. Even stops you from playing any first person games, because as soon as you start moving with the keyboard, the mouse doesn’t work so you can’t walk and look around at the same time.

As always please give me your feedback and follow if your interested in this game, it really helps me to stay motivated when I know that there is interest in what I am doing.

Below is a complete change list:

  • Moved to 32 bit blocks
  • Made over 1000 line changes rewriting block data interface
  • Removed BlockData and BlockIds and replaced with Data
  • Added number input to text boxes
  • Started work on animation system for all models
  • Added proper lighting to Models
  • Rewrote entire model editor
  • Model editor is now simpler to use and will work on touch screens
  • Model editor cannot change the colour of all vertexs
  • Added Pan Function to Editor
  • Created a Indexing Algorism to vertexs. Improved Performance by 83%
  • Worked lots and lots on craft Empire Website. Should be up within the week
  • Installed forum software on website.
  • Setup forms for use when website launches look.
  • Created Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Fixed lots of bugs.
  • Added Colour Selector for Vertex and model Parts
  • Added both Pull and Push functions for each Vertex Node in Editor
  • Fixed bug with incorrect rotation in model editor.
  • Added Matrixs to each model part and offloaded all vertex calculations to gpu
  • Fixed crash with colour picker wheel
  • Cleaned up old move code.
  • Cleaned up old Vertex Editing Code
  • Removed up modelEditMode Enum and all references.
  • Removed _verts decelerations. Using _OriginalVers now as all transformations are now on GPU and not CPU
  • Removed Polygon Mode in editor as now obsolete.
  • Moved all model movement calculation to GPU
  • Fixed a bug with movement in Model Editor
  • Fixed a bug in editor when vertex cubes where not moving with model
  • Fixed a bug in editor when rendering multiple parts
  • Removed modelSelect variable and changed all selection code
  • Fixed a bug where only first model part would render with correct lighting
  • Added lighting to models when in game mode
  • Created new structure Rotation3. Contains rotational data for all 3 axis
  • Updated Mob to use Rotation3 instead of separate Yaw, Pitch and Roll variables
  • Started work on Instruction Manual for Model Editor
May Update And Blog