RTS Mode

Here is the first screen shot of the strategy mode.


This is where you control your army of workers. You will see a gray rectangle between the houses and wall. This is the current placeholder for a worker. Soon I will have full animations for workers. It will look sweet!

Currently you can select the worker and get him to build things, all the buildings you see here where created by the worker.

Below you can see the basic menu for building.


Currently there are no pictures on the buttons for the buildings. These pictures will be rendered from the building design. This means that if you design your own building the menus will render it for you to see.

Selected workers can also harvest resources by right clicking on the resource you want to get.

RTS Mode

Progress Report

This week I have been working on Design Mode.

Design mode is an exciting mode where the game goes from a 3rd person camera for the RTS game play to a 1st Person camera. In this mode you can move around just as you can in Minecraft. Here is where you can build anything you want. Once you have designed something, you can then send your army of workers out to build it or hundreds of them.

So if you have built an awesome looking house for your town, you get your workers out building lots of them for all your citizens to live in.

Now there are lots of different building types from housing to storehouses, from keeps to Town Halls. Each building will have different abilities, but more on that in another post.

Progress Report

Still Going

Its been a while since my last post but rest assured the project is still going strong. Iv been very busy with my real job so I havent had lots of time to code but stay tuned for regula updates this month as I have been busy on the project.

For anyone of you who are technically minded today I will talk about raycasting in voxel worlds. You see raycasting calculations are expensive and take lots of cpu time, so when you have a world full of cubes, raycasting them all is not an option. Sure you could do a broadphase detection on each chunk and then each cube but this is still an expensive calculation to do. Luckily will can apply some mathematics and using an origin point, and a vector we can trace each and every cube that the ray will intersect with.

Now there is a very good paper theorising how to do it. http://www.cse.yorku.ca/~amana/research/grid.pdf

This however is only half the problem and you also need to know how far through the current block you are and if the vector is negative you have to alter the start equation.

This foxed my for a few days and was highly frustrating, but in the end I haveĀ  a very fast and perfectly accurate raycast that even tells me what side of the cube I enter from.

Still Going