Building Your City

Today I’m going to talk about how you will be able to build and customize your City.

Before you can build anything you will need building materials. Now you can use whatever materials you want from dirt to stone, wood to gold etc. Depending on what you choose to build out of will effect the stats off your building. For example building with stronger materials will make your buildings stronger and harder to destroy. But they will take longer to build.

Larger buildings will also be harder to destroy due to there size. You therefore have an interesting mechanic where you try to balance out building size verses build time.

To build a new building you will select a citizen and click on the build icon. You will be able to select from a variety of different buildings. Each building will have its own function from houses to blacksmiths but more on this another time. What we are interested in today is what happens when you select a building to build. At this point you will be shown a few designs for your building, but just to the side there is a custom icon. Clicking it will open the building designer mode. This mode is like creative mode in minecraft. You can and remove blocks, fly around and completely customize your design. When your happy with your design you can add it to the list and the next time you select that type of building to build you will be able to select from your designs.

Designs will be stored in a master save file so even if you start a new game your previous designs will still be available to build once you have the required resources.

Now a few buildings like walls can be of any length. You can design the cross section of the wall. Then when you decide to build your wall you just have to select the length.

Building Your City