Old School Racer 2

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Have some retro fun and race the Old School way
Race through over 60 very addictive levels…with a twist
Experience the world morph around you, manipulate gravity and so much more!

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Game Overview


Racing, Platformer

Release Date

January 18, 2019




Nintendo Switch

Hey there all you dirt bike fans welcome to the world of Old School Racer, race through a 2D retro world, across 60 unique and amazing levels with twists and turns everywhere.

Collect hidden tokens to unlock new challenges and tournaments. Complete challenges to unlock upgrades and gain new abilities. Compete in tournaments to unlock new vehicles to race with.

With 3 distinct types of vehicles, each with their own advantages will make choosing the correct vehicle for the stage even more important than ever before.

We also have a brand new mechanic added to the game……MORPHING! The world will literally morph at times creating extra paths, platforms, jumps and drops to help or possibly hinder your performance.
Gravity modifications once again returns, redefining what you will call the ground, soon you will be racing upside down, up sheer walls or flying through the sky.


Game Features

Over 60 levels to race across
Fast paced racing
Dynamic levels (world physically changing as you race through it)
Gravity manipulation redefining what the ground is
Unique twists on the genre
Collect tokens to unlock new upgrades and vehicles


Bikes are an all-rounder vehicle, with average handling, speed and acceleration.

Quad Bikes

Quad bike have amazing grip, acceleration and handling but have a low top speed.


Buggies are slow off the mark and have poor handling, but there top speed and protective cage age powerful advantages to advanced players.


Upgrades are a large part of Old School Racer 2. There are 7 different types of upgrades in total. Unlock them all to really charge you your ride.


Collect tokens in each stage to unlock extra content. Can you find all the hidden areas?


Morphing makes the world more dynamic. Hills, caverns and more will suddenly appear in front of you opening up hidden areas or alternative routes.

Upgrade your ride

Can you collect all 177 tokens. Many tokens are hidden within stages. Take full advantage of the wacky gravity, a dynamic world and your time to hunt down each and every token to supercharge your vehicle and smash all your best times.

There are 7 different types of upgrades.

Handling, Brakes, Top Speed, Acceleration, Boost and Gravity.


Morphing is where certain sections of the world will change as you are racing through them. This may make hills suddenly appear, caverns to open in front of you and a whole lot more. Some morphing area allow you to chose if you want to morph the ground or leave it as it is. Use this ability to help you find alternative routes or hidden areas.

Update 1.01

There is a small update on the way. Version 1.01 is waiting to be approved by Nintendo and will hopefully be released within 2 weeks. Update Details below:

  • Improves the tutorial so new players will be able to understand how to play more easy.
  • Improves the visuals of the UI and map.
  • Added controls on pause screen.
  • Fixes bug where you would not always been told how to boost.
  • Fixes bug where once you have won a tournament, it is no longer possible to get a better position in the same tournament.
  • Adds new visual cue when boosting. Screen will now glow the more you boost
  • Adds new options for display when boosting.

If you are wanting review copies of the game please contact us at mattlekim at riddlersoftgames.co.uk