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Craft Empire Open World
Explore an endless world with no limits and no rules. Want to strip mine the whole area that's fine, want to be kind to nature that's also fine. Play as you want to play with no limits or restrictions
I belive that the best way to make a game is to get the feelback from its players. So as soon as there the beta versions start going out the site will enable feedback so I can inprove the game where you want it.
Latest News
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Take the survival sandbox genre to the next level with Craft Empire. Manage your empire in a procedurally generated world with both mystery and danger. Survival is now beyond the needs of one person but rather an entire population, each villager will need a role to play, whether it be hunting, farming, building or protecting their home.

The idea of this game came from asking the question, what would it be like if you had a game with all the best elements from open world, sandbox, city simulations and empire building games? Since then Craft Empire has formed into its own.

Bellow we outline some of the features of the game.

Build in a way that the only limit is your imagination. As your resources and expertise grows so will your structures. Build monumental landmarks and stylized architecture. Expand to the reaches of the world creating outposts that can grow into mining villages or even a city of its own. Connect everything with supply lines and eventually rail roads. Will you build with cheaper more available materials allowing you to expand your village to a city quickly at the expense of building strength, or will you make your buildings strong and able to survive harsh winters, earthquakes, floods, or even the fend of the wildlife?

The game has been built from the ground up to enable both customizing and modding. Buildings, Blocks, People and Creatures are fully customizeable using the in game tools allowing you to create anything that you want. 
Dont want to spend time designing your buildings and instend want to focuse of createing large citys for your emprie no worries there will be hundress of pre-designed building that ship with the game. Want more building designs no problem just browse the mod shop and instaltly start building amazing towns and citys for your empire.

For thoses who really do want to design everything or just mod the game the in game tools are outlinded below:

Block Editor

Block Editor

Building Editor

This is the building menu here you can select what you want to build from pre-designed buildings. You can also modify the buildings or create new buildings. Once you have a building desin you can build it as many times as you want as long as you have enough resources for the building.

Desgin Mode

Remember the blocks you made in the block editor? Here you can place them wherever you want along with every other block in the game. You can litraly desing your buildings from the ground up block by block. Once you are happy with your design save it. Then set your civillians on building one, or maybe two or three.

Building Editor

Modal Editor

The modal editor allows you to design any modal you want. It has been designed with simplisity in mind so that even if you have no 3D modaling experiance you will quikcly be able to learn how to use it. I am also makeing the editor along with the whole game with touch screens in mind. That way when I wan to add touch screen support it will be relativly easy.
Modal Editor
Explore the world, find precious minerals and dig deep, create underground civilizations or create your own island in the expanse of the sea.

Cave Man

Expansion must be weighed up to your empires ability to survive. Food and water to endure harsh winters as well as sanitation, medicine and luxuries will determine the health, strength and happiness of your people. If not kept in check your people could decide they are better off on their own and leave your cempire, but be warned exploration is dangerous, who knows what you will find.


Each person will be able to train in different professions, a guard will become more efficient with better loot, a farmer will harvest crops faster with better tech. As your people advance so will your buildings and your small town into a kingdom. Technology will not be advanced through a tech tree but instead will advance based on what you are focusing on. If you decide to focus your attention on defence, upgrading the strength of your walls and towers, increasing the effectiveness of your guards, you will find that you may have futuristic technology to defend your home with, however your guards' houses are still prehistoric huts and your farmers are still digging with their hands.

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