Old School Racer 2

Hey there all you dirt bike fans Old School Racer is back for more with a brand new game.

Gravity Wells, Vehicle Types, Online Play and much more.

Fly Johnny Fly

Meet Johnny the Crash Test Dummy


The Great Lava Dash

Old School Racer Collection

Check out the Old School Racer collection.

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Hi there I'm mattlekim and I am behind all the games you see here. I am the sole programmer of all these games making them in my spare time. Got some feedback on what I can improve? Feel free to contact me or comment in the blog. Hope you enjoy playing these games as much as i enjoy making them.

Email mattlekim [at] riddlersoftgames.co.uk


July & August Report
September 5, 2016

What can I say? After much hard work both the animation and model editor are completed.

This was a massive undertaking, with 1000s of lines of code added.

What It means is that I can now create and animate the models for in the game, but what’s more other players will also be able to create there own mods. It will be awesome.

I have also started work on the Block Designer. Here you will be able to create your own blocks for the game. Blocks are made up of 16x16x16 micro blocks. You can place the blocks wherever you want. These blocks will also have a collision detector, to automatically make collision zones based of the type of block created. So if a block was designed to be thinner than the normal block size, it’s collision zone would be accurate to the size made.

The game will allow you to create over 25,000 unique blocks. This will make modding easier. You will be able to load on lots of different mods, each with unique blocks, creatures, and buildings. The collision detector will also be used when modding in new blocks.

Another priority is to make modding the game easy and available. Removing any complications from modding will add longevity to the game for everyone, and allow a larger variety of mods to be made.

Full change log found here

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